Welcome to the Plymouth Community Facilities Scheduler. If you are visiting this site for the first time please click on "Become a Requester" located just below this message. Follow those instructions in order to request a city or school district facility.

Gym requests will not be approved for use before 6pm M-F

Terms of use

Applicants agree to be responsible for:

1. Building safety and security
* Applicant is responsible for crowd control
* Visual check routines: halls, restrooms, etc.
* Restrict participants to designed area.
* Running, horseplay and fighting are prohibited.
* Smoking or other tobacco use prohibited.
* Alcohol prohibited.

2. Emergency response/communication
* Police/fire phone number is 911 (if using a school phone, dial 9-911)

3. Familiarity with facility
* Check location of fire alarms/extinguishers, lighting systems, telephone, etc.
* Check location of paper goods, brooms, mops, etc.
* Check location of trash dumpsters.

4. Clean-up of facility
* Applicant is responsible for clean-up. If custodian time is used, applicant will be charged.

5. Gym floors
* Dust mop gym floor before using (see custodians for special mops).
* No street shoes on gym floors.
* No tape on gym floors.

6. All events are to be conducted and operated in full compliance with all applicable WIAA rules.

7. Applicant is to inform participants that personal injury/damage to property is assumed by the applicant.

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